Animated Chart Page Help

Across the top there are four links provided:

Below the page links bar is the title block.

Tau links

The tau label is updated every time the weather chart is updated. The tau buttons allows quick access and display of charts by hovering the mouse cursor over them.

Loop Control

The loop controls allow you to go to the first chart in the series, back one chart, stop the animation, start the animation, go forward one chart, and to go to the last chart in the series, respectively. Clicking on the chart will also start and stop the animation.

The image speed slider allows you to decrease or increase the time between each chart in the series.

Other Products

Click on the chart title to view a different chart for the same model run, valid time, and region as the chart displayed. Click on "Loop" to see an animated chart display for the selected product from the same model run.

Other Models

Click on the model area name to go the the Product Selection page to choose a weather chart for the selected model and region. Click on "loop" to switch to an animated display of the same product for selected model/region.